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My name is Shaun Fitzgerald...

 Shaun, with his lovely wife Kate

Shaun, with his lovely wife Kate

I have always had a fascination with human ability, performance, healing, thriving, achieving adaptable results, and staying capable. I want to be limitless until the day I die. I want to be able to adapt and thrive into every decade of my life. As I have watched people age, I saw that the reason they were limited, frail, or sick was always due to their own choices. The more I saw disease, injury, and “genetic” disorders, the common theme was a lack of accountability around the whole subject. Additionally, people go to doctors when they are injured or sick. And, rather than the doctor teaching people how to be healthy and heal themselves with nutrition, exercise, and mental health, they give them pills. So many people live with pain, live with disease, live in unforgiveness and fear. It hurts seeing people live in those conditions just because no one ever told them that there’s an alternative

I want to be limitless until the day I die.
— Shaun Fitzgerald

Well, I’m here to say it’s possible to have everything you want. If we take a look at how we are being in a situation, it usually predicts the outcomes. I can’t wait to discover more and more ways to win the game of my life. I’ve been on a quest for most of my life to understand the most ideal balance for the body. However, this has been difficult. The ingredients for this perfect balance all depend on these variables: your environment, your age, your current situation, and basically everything around you. What your body needs for perfect balance varies depending on where you are in your life physically, emotionally, and mentally. At first, my search for this perfect recipe seemed daunting. It seemed overwhelming to try to pinpoint a perfect combination for balance when the body is constantly going through emotional and chemical changes. 

For a time, I was under the impression that beating your body and pushing it to its limits always produced desirable effects. However, there is also the other side of this “BEAST MODE” coin - INJURY. After many years of injuries, I realized the huge importance of healing, recovering, regenerating, and growing. I started learning a yin to my overdeveloped yang. Most people are so unaware of their spiritual, emotional, and physical body. The body actually has a language and it communicates to us exactly what it needs. However, most people aren’t listening for it, and others just don't understand it. I realized this was the recipe I was looking for. Our bodies will tell us what it needs, and listening for this, is how to achieve optimal health

Aging only happens because we think its supposed to.
— Shaun Fitzgerald

Our bodies are a machine. And, there are certain nutrients that help your machine become the best version of YOU. There are certain foods and exercises that fill your machine with life, strength, love, peace, and youth. Aging only happens because we think its supposed to. We think it’s normal.  We think that its acceptable to have diseases from abusing our bodies because well...“I got busy and didn’t have time to eat healthy. And, that’s what happens when you have a job, and kids, and a life”. This excuse (and a very real one at that) has become the norm. We have ignored our bodies for so long that we are now completely out of touch with its physical and emotional needs. Let’s stop allowing aging to gain momentum in our lives. Don’t give aging a foothold in your life. Be good to your body; love your body and your body will love you

People seem to have a 1,000 reasons to be unhealthy, well... LoveYouBox has 10,000 ways to be good.  I want to teach you some awesome tricks for how to be and stay legitimately healthy from the inside out. There is nothing new under the sun, just a long list of awesomeness sprinkled into your life with only one intention: loving and caring for life’s miracle: YOU.  

In each Love You Box I’ll show you some very interesting, fun, effective ways to be good to your body.

We are the conductor and our body is the orchestra. A body in perfect balance is a symphony. We need to realize that the body is merely a reflection of what’s going on inside.  If we stay in tune with what our body is telling us, we can create a peaceful and vibrant environment within and all around us.  Health is contagious and love is the highest frequency on the planet. Let’s raise the worlds frequency and get in tune with how we are designed to live: happy, healthy, wonderful, powerful existences. 

My promise to you is that I will do my best to find the best, funnest, healthiest, most effective approaches to create the best you possible.  You deserve the best life possible, your best life possible, whatever that looks like. I know that my best life doesn’t have anxiety, disease, or is too busy for the things that are really important to me and I assume yours doesn’t either.

Let’s have some fun taking care of ourselves, being responsible for thriving in the environment that we are in.

It starts with one light turning on, then another, and another . . .

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